About Roots & Fruits

We are...

… for more than forty years and through two generations we have led the natural products category with truly cutting edge health & wellness products; we built our reputation one transaction at a time… making honest claims; regularly exceeding all local and national government and environmental regulations; continually challenging every member of our team to provide a level of service which exceeds our customers’ expectations; re-investing a giant share of our profits and energies to search the earth for better raw materials, herbs and plants; insisting upon clean/green planting, harvesting, storage and transportation policies to insure the retention of maximum nutritional values into and through the manufacturing processes.

We have spared no expense to support scientific research.

In a time when mediocre seems to be the norm and commitment to excellence little more than a catchy phrase on annual reports, we are continually challenging ourselves to be better and do better for our associates, our investors, our customers, and the planet we inhabit.

We decided to create soaps that were clearly better than the choices available because we believed we could add value to the category… utilize better ingredients… formulate soaps that would leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

We chose the name Roots & Fruits because we were committed from the very beginning to making full use of the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. We knew the finished product would be better if we began with as many of the natural herbs and fruits a well-nourished garden could produce.

We searched the world for effective ingredients including a variety of essential oils, each one tested for purity and stability. We tried and tested dozens of formulations and had laboratories custom engineer tests to determine wear rate, foam volume and sensitivity to the skin.

Roots & Fruits is proudly made in America with our commitment to produce the very best soaps for you, our environment, and the planet.